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All of the Tyne Trail Ultra Races follow the River Tyne Trail from Source to Sea as established by our charity partner ‘Daft as a Brush’ as a defined walking route. The events will give entrants a full experience of all that the North East of England has to offer from remote moors, stunning valleys and historic sites from pre-Roman developments to the great industrial revolution and modern sites of Tyneside. An annual event, the Tyne Trail Ultra alternates each year between the North Tyne & South Tyne Trails.

15th MAY 2021

The route starts at Tyne Head, the source of the River South Tyne in the remote Cumbrian Pennines, and travels through picturesque scenery that is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), to the ‘Meeting of the Waters’, the finish for the half distance 70km. The full distance route is now only available as part of the Tyne Trail Ultra North which takes place biennially.

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MAY 2022

The route starts at Deadwater, on the border between England & Scotland & follows the course of the North Tyne, passing alongside the imposing Kielder reservoir down through the beautiful valley to the ‘Meeting of the Waters’, the finish of the half distance 75km. The full distance route then follows the River towards the finish in front of the historic Tynemouth Priory, a total distance of 150km.

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Tyne Trail Ultra will be donating £5 from each entry fee to benefit the Daft as a Brush Charity that provides cancer patient care.


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